W4AKH * WINLINK * USEFUL LINKs ~ 8/18/2022

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    How to use message precedence precedence in winlink Click Here
    JS8CALL MANUAL Click Here
    Fort Pierce Amateur Radio Club, Nets and info https://fparc.org/
    AMSAT ISS and How to SSTV https://amsat-uk.org/tag/sstv/
    Corrine’s School Project: PSL Slow CW Practice https://pslara.org/cw.aspx
    Corrine’s School Project: All About the Telegraph and Deciphering Morse Code Text https://www.emissary.ai/telegraph-morse-code-text/
    DireWolf Packet software TNC https://packet-radio.net/direwolf/
    ECHOLINK MAIN SITE http://www.echolink.org/
    ECHOLINK validate callsign. Take a picture on a phone and upload it. http://www.echolink.org/validation/
    HAMs map for any area or call sign  https://haminfo.tetranz.com/map/g/EL97tm
    uz7ho Packet Software TNC http://uz7.ho.ua/packetradio.htm
    HAMFEST - Virtual Ticketing system https://plumtx.com/
    LOGGING PROGRAM FOR NETS, MAP & ARCHIVE, Free https://logger.plumtx.com/
    Newest Versions of VARA Software - HF FM & CHAT - STAY CURRENT! https://rosmodem.wordpress.com/
    The How-to by Oliver from Jose’s web site Click Here
    Tuning levels for DRA boards to VARA Click Here
    VARA CHAT Download required for VarAC Chat - both compatible. https://rosmodem.wordpress.com/
    VarAC Download Web site -compatible with VARA CHAT, but more features https://www.varac-hamradio.com/download
    Georga ARES Digital Messaging training - Winlink https://youtu.be/Hg8aQhwv-7M
    How to add DB-9 connector to a TYT TH-9000 radio - a close replica of the Alinco 135 Click Here
    https://www.masterscommunications.com/products/radio-adapter/alinco6/alinco6.html Click Here
    List of radios having the Mini DIN 6 data port Click Here
    Newest Winlink Programs - Always use newest versions https://downloads.winlink.org/
    Pre-manufactured cable and DB-9 connector for the TYT TH-9000 Click Here
    Sound card interfaces for Winlink- instructions for by UZ7HO Click Here
    VOCAP for Winlink HF Propagation https://www.voacap.com/
    WINLINK WHITELIST EXPLAINED https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4KFvM5kY9rk
    Winlink.org Main site - Go to TOOLS to see active stations https://winlink.org/
    WoAD software - YouTube how to use an Android phone or tablet with Winlink https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DgAJWAkfa_g